ACH obliterates history

Posted on May 14, 2016
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In 2005, Masonic Home and School of Texas closed its doors, ending its over 100 years of history. After its closure, MHS’s historic campus (placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992) in Fort Worth, Texas, was acquired by the nondescriptly-named ACH Services. (Formerly known as All Church Home.)

Among the buildings on the former MHS campus is the chapel, built in 1958. ACH has branded it Bell Tower Chapel & Garden, marketed as a trendy wedding venue. So far, so good. The old building has been put to good use by an organization that serves a worthy cause.

The problem is that ACH sandblasted the writing off of the building’s cornerstone. That seems uncalled for; the writing wasn’t hurting anyone, was it, just sitting there on the stone? And given that disregard for history, it’s unsurprising that Bell Tower’s web site makes no mention of the chapel’s past life, either.

I’m quite biased, though. This is a picture of me with the cornerstone. The name at the bottom, Harvey S. Williams, is my grandfather.

Cornerstone of chapel at Masonic Home and School of Texas