Fish Dish and wiringPi

Posted on March 28, 2017
Tags: haskell, making, raspberrypi

Fish Dish

Fish Dish

About a month ago, I ordered a Fish Dish board for Raspberry Pi. It’s a simple board that sits on top of the Raspberry Pi and provides three LEDs, a button, and a buzzer. I had some fun programming it from Haskell using my binding to the wiringPi library.

The official Fish Dish site doesn’t include a schematic or any sort of documentation. However, it’s a simple board to understand, and I drew a schematic by following the traces on the board:

Fish Dish schematic

WiringPi 1.0.1

Today I released version 1.0.1 of my wiringPi binding for Haskell. Among other things, it includes an example program for the Fish Dish.

I’m pleased to report that there are at least two other people besides me using my wiringPi binding. Satoshi Ogata contributed support for the wiringPiISR function, which is included in the 1.0.1 release. Also, James Thompson has used the wiringPi binding to write an HTTP interface to the Pi’s GPIO, which is available separately.