OSHW projects

Posted on October 2, 2019
Tags: electronics, making

Over the past couple of years, I’ve released several open-source boards on my GitHub account, but I usually haven’t mentioned them here on my blog. So, I wanted to just briefly summarize them now.

Sound Detector FeatherWing

Repository: SoundDetectorWing

I wanted to use a SparkFun Sound Detector with an Adafruit Feather, so I created this FeatherWing to adapt the Sound Detector to the Feather form factor.

Music Maker featherwing connected to speakers via SpeakerAdapter board

Repository: SpeakerAdapter

I wanted to use these speakers with the Adafruit Music Maker FeatherWing, so I created this adapter which puts a JST-PH connector on the Music Maker FeatherWing, in place of the terminal blocks.

Ethernet MagJack breakout board on a breadboard

Repository: EthernetBreakout

I wanted to use an Ethernet MagJack on a breadboard, so I created this simple breakout board.


Repository: NeoBit

I was experimenting with the BBC micro:bit a while back, and I created this add-on board for the micro:bit, which lets you connect NeoPixel and/or DotStar LEDs to the micro:bit, as well as earphones and Qwiic devices. It also has two slide potentiometers which can be read from the micro:bit. There is a voltage regulator so that the same 5V or 12V supply used for the NeoPixels can also power the micro:bit.

Apple II joystick adapter

Repository: A2JoystickAdapter

During my retrocomputing adventure, I bought an Apple II joystick off of eBay to use with my Apple //e. The joystick had a 16-pin connector, which plugs into the Apple //e’s internal joystick port. However, the connector was too big to fit through any of the holes in the back of the case, so there was no way to plug it in and close the case. This adapter board allowed me to plug the 16-pin joystick into the 9-pin external joystick port, instead.

Butterfly nightlight

Repository: butterfly-hw

This is a USB-powered nightlight, shaped like a butterfly. It uses through-hole NeoPixels controlled by an ATtiny85 microcontroller.

Christmas tree ornament

Repository: TreeOrnament

This is a USB-powered Christmas ornament, shaped like a Christmas tree. It uses 2-pin RGB LEDs that have built-in color cycling, so no microcontroller is needed.